UPDATED: Action Required for APIs

There is a change required for the endpoint URLs for those of you using unpublished APIs to make calls to our servers; to ensure that there is no interruption of service, this change needs to be implemented before June 10th, 2018.

How do I know if I need to make this change?

If you are using Tempo APIs that were configured more than 6 months ago, it is likely that you will have to make an adjustment to the endpoint URL and the associated Authorization Token. Regardless of the timing of your integration, we urge everyone to take a moment to verify the APIs they are using to ensure they follow the new convention; examples are provided later in this announcement.

First, generate a token to authenticate against Tempo REST APIs.  The current implementation you are using is authenticated on behalf of a user.  You will need the Jira credentials of that user to proceed.

Note: Like your password, tokens are secret and associated with an individual username. They should not be shared.

To generate a token:

  1. Log in to Jira with the user’s credentials on whose behalf the current requests are made.
  2. Select Tempo > Tempo settings or click the Gear icon on the Tempo sidebar.
  3. Under User Preferences, select API Integration.
  4. Click Get token to generate a token. You can delete the current token and generate a new one as needed.
  5. Click the copy icon to the right of the token to copy the token to the clipboard. You are then ready to make requests to the Tempo REST API.

Next, for every Tempo REST endpoint make the following URL changes

Original URL

New updated URL






These are the REST endpoints to change:

  • https://{my-cloud-instance}.atlassian.net/rest/tempo-accounts/...
  • https://{my-cloud-instance}.atlassian.net/rest/tempo-core/...
  • https://{my-cloud-instance}.atlassian.net/rest/tempo-planning/...
  • https://{my-cloud-instance}.atlassian.net/rest/tempo-teams/...
  • https://{my-cloud-instance}.atlassian.net/rest/tempo-timesheets/...


Finally, add the token to the Authorization HTTP header. Example:

curl -v -H "Authorization: Bearer ${token}" "https://api.tempo.io/rest-legacy/..."

Note that for Servlet calls, you only have to change the URL. The following convention should be followed:

(Note that the authorization change is not required for Servlet users)

Original URL

New updated URL






Optional Action:

Additionally, we’re happy to announce that the new public APIs are ready to adopt as a recommended alternative to using the unpublished APIs. We ensure backwards compatibility on our new APIs and we have been working on having equivalent solutions for the endpoints you are already using. Please review our Cloud REST API documentation to see which endpoints are available and how to use them.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.


The Tempo Team

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