Announcing Tempo Planner feature changes

Announcing Tempo Planner feature changes

In response to feedback from our customers and in-depth research, we’re laying the groundwork for an integrated resource planning solution. As we deliver on this vision, Tempo will be there to support our customers every step of the way. We’re introducing new features, as well as phasing out a subset of existing legacy features. Be assured that we’ll be doing this in a way to minimize impact and will assist you throughout the transition period.  

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About features that will be phased out of Tempo Planner

Beginning in April 2018, the below agile and release planning features will be hidden by default, but can be re-enabled if needed directly from Tempo Settings. We will continue to have them available for the time being.

Please note that we plan to eventually remove these features from the product.

Legacy features that will be phased out are:

  • Team - Backlog View
  • Team - Board View
  • Team Project Timeline
  • Program -Timeline View - Projects
  • Program - Timeline View - Teams
  • Planning on Plan item type “Sprint”

New resource planning features coming to Tempo Planner

We’re taking our core “Resource Overview” functionality, and extending it to deliver tools that let managers quickly match their needs to capacity and talent available. In addition, we’re delivering features that give users full transparency.

Our new Planner main view will be centered around Resource Planning and include:

  • A weekly view for day-to-day planning, and a monthly view for a longer-term planning
  • Planning based on fixed hours, instead of percentages
  • Planning with a start and end time
  • New agenda-style gadget that lets users view their planned schedule for the day.
  • An integrated capacity report

Here to help

If you have any questions or concerns about the change, please feel free to contact our helpdesk team and we’ll assist you in any way we can.

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