Using the Resource Overview

What is the Resource Overview?

Resources are all the people in your organization for whom you can plan work.

With Tempo Planner, you can use the Resource Overview to show the plans and availability of all of the people in your organization. You can also customize the overview by adding Resource Filters to change which resources are displayed.


Viewing the Resource Overview

You can use the overview to find out information about all of the resources in your organization, including their names, roles, and planned and available hours.

To use the resource overview, click on Tempo > Planning, and then, at the top-right, select Overview.

Here you can see the resource overview. It shows the plans for each person in your organization and their level of planned commitment for each day.

On the left of the Resource Overview there is a summary for each user. You can display and hide these columns using the Configure Overview dropdown: 

  • Users shows the name of the resource.
  • Roles shows the current roles of the resource.
  • A shows the number of available hours for the current view period.
  • P shows the number of planned hours for the current view period.
  • shows the percentage of available hours that are planned.

The calendar is shaded to show the level of commitment for each day and employee:

  • Light Green = Employee has available capacity.
  • Dark Green = Employee has no capacity left.
  • Red = Employee is over their capacity. 



Using the date picker in the Resource Overview

You can use the date picker on the top-left of the overview to select the amount of time you would like to view. The date picker also modifies the number of total hours shown in the A and P columns.



Using filters in the Resource Overview

You can create filters in the Resource Overview to show specific planning information. Filter information by selecting one or more options from each drop-down heading at the top of the page.

  • Users allows you to select one or more users from your JIRA instance. The list of users is inherited from JIRA.
  • Teams allows you to select one or more teams. The list of teams is inherited from Tempo.
  • Roles allows you select one or more roles. The list of roles is inherited from JIRA.
  • Available time allows you show only resources with more than the specified number of available hours.


Managing filters in the Resource Overview

Once you have created a filter in the Resource Overview you may save it, start a new filter, or simply discard the changes you have made. Click on the Save button to save the filter. A dialog box will appear where you can name the filter and save it:


Click on the downward arrow next to the Save button to Discard changes or Create a new filter:


If you would like to load a saved filter, click on the Filter box in the top menu bar. A drop-down will appear with the list of your saved filters.


By clicking on the cogwheel to the right, you can also delete any filters you don't need anymore.


Select the filter you would like to delete and click on the trash icon to remove it.


Customize the appearance of the Resource Overview

You can customize the appearance of the Resource Overview to add or remove columns from the view and also to show or the hide cell colours that appear.

  • Click on View in the top-right.
  • Select one or more options to change the appearance of the overview.

Any changes you make here will be retained the next time you log in.





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