Your top 3 migrations questions answered

Why Atlassian Connect and is it possible to rollback to previous versions of Tempo?

A rollback to the previous version of Tempo is unfortunately not possible as Atlassian’s legacy P2 framework is being entirely replaced with Connect. This is to provide a more powerful and stable underlying environment for applications, without compromising on reliability or security.

Our team has been working hard towards restoring the functionality you’ve come to expect from Tempo and packaging it within a new and improved UI. One of our main objectives is to streamline and simplify key tasks in our products and optimize alignment between the core product and our add-ons — which also means solving use cases differently than before.


What is Tempo doing to ensure that it responds more quickly to customers?

To improve customer service and ensure all tickets are answered in a timely manner, we have diverted a considerable amount of our resources towards solving support requests, with 43 out of 90 employees allocated into our support team during this period

Our development teams remain firmly focused on completion of this migration while releasing updates with new features and improvements on a weekly basis. Our plan for these coming weeks is to commit our efforts to ensure that we bring back all of the functionality that our customers have asked for and much more.

Learn more about upcoming releases here.


What benefits can I expect from Tempo for JIRA Cloud?

Tempo for JIRA Cloud is a major milestone marking the beginning of our “cloud first” journey, with our entire product development and company being reorganized to leverage the benefits from these opportunities.

Our customers will notice a huge product improvement and faster new feature releases than before and we have already received many positive reactions from our customers since we began operating according to this new rhythm.

  • Closer and stronger alignment between products, resulting in more streamlined workflow around key tasks.
  • New integrations with leading cloud applications to improve user workflows.
  • More intelligence and automation features offering customers greater power by leveraging Tempo’s big data resources.
  • Improved onboarding, learning and in-product support to help users get up to speed quickly and gain the most out of Tempo.
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