Is Tempo updating the Time Spent field on JIRA issues?

Yes, Tempo now integrates with the Time Spent field in JIRA, though the worklogs are still stored on our servers.

This featured was released on July 8, 2017, and all worklogs released after this date will be included in the Time Spent field, but note that those created before this date will be synced back so that their information is also included in the Time Spent field. This might take up to a week to be done.

If you have email notifications enabled whenever worklogs are created you will get a separate message for every earlier workload that is synced during this process. If you do not want to be notified, please disable the "Work logged on issue" event notifications in your notification schemes.

For clarity, here are the worklogs that will be synced:

  • For migrated customers: all Tempo worklogs that have been created after migration
  • For customers that have always been on the new version: all worklogs created in Tempo

From now on the following Time Spent features in JIRA will reflect work logged in Tempo:

  • JIRA Burndown Chart
  • Fetching Time Spent on issue via JIRA APIs
  • Time Spent and Total Time Spent JQLs in JIRA
  • Any data shown in Time Spent and Total Time Spent columns in JIRA issue search
  • Time Spent field on board cards
  • Integrations using Time Spent field
  • JIRA Gadgets showing Time Spent field

This implementation also fixes the following issues:

  • Remaining estimate bugs
  • Timesheet no longer updates Remaining Estimate field explicitly and it’s not displayed in issue history, but as a part of the worklog creation/update
  • Re-indexing because of changes by Timesheets will be reduced

Note that Tempo does still not sync the Tempo worklogs back to JIRA and will not modify the issue. This would introduce a lot of syncing issues with JIRA, causing timezone and performance issues, rendering our permission and internal issue structures redundant.

We find it very important to keep the worklog data of other users unidentifiable for users that do not have View All Worklogs permission. By syncing the worklogs back to JIRA, the worklog owner would be displayed for any user on the instance with Browse Project permission, and a user without the View All Worklogs permission would have access to all worklogs for the issue via JIRA APIs.

These are the steps we are going to take to solve this problem:

  • Create a worklog tab in the issue page that displays the worklog history for the issue, but respects permission, so if you don't have permission to view worklogs of others, you only see your own worklog history for the issue.
  • We update the history/activity tab in the JIRA Issue view as the Timesheets plugin, but not as the user, so you will see total hours logged in the issue history but it won't be identifiable.

The worklog tab will be available in the upcoming weeks. The future vision is to allow customers to select if they sync worklogs back to JIRA.

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