Is the cloud pricing model changing?

Yes, it is. Atlassian is adjusting its cloud pricing for monthly and annual subscriptions of cloud products. As a vendor, Tempo will align with this new model, which allows your license to grow with you. The changes to our pricing model follow exactly those of Atlassian.

The starter license for 10 users will not be affected. In order to move from a tier-based pricing to a per-user pricing model, we have adjusted our pricing points for Timesheets and our pricing points for Tempo Planner.

To understand the impact of these changes, Atlassian has provided you with a tool that will calculate the pricing based on your user structure. Enter your user count into their pricing calculator to estimate your bill on the new pricing. On steps 2 and 3 of this calculator, you will be able to include the Tempo add-ons in your estimate.

You can learn more about this in an FAQ offered by Atlassian here.

Of course, if you still have more questions please do contact our support team by clicking on the "Support" button on the bottom right.

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