How has the Time Spent field changed with the migration?

What has changed?

When creating worklogs in Tempo, the Time Spent field is not being updated. This has an impact in many places in JIRA:

  • Agile Burndown Chart does not display Time Spent information
  • JIRA gadgets using Time Spent field do not work
  • The time-tracking progress bar on sub-tasks in the issue view are not displayed
  • Time Spent field on issue cards in Boards are not displaying the correct value.
  • Time Spent column in JIRA issue view does not display the correct value

Why has it changed?

After the move to Connect, JIRA introduced the notion of a time-tracking provider. The Time Spent field is a time-tracking field provided by JIRA and since Tempo worklogs are not stored in the JIRA database we do not have the possibility of updating it.

What changes or improvements should I expect in the upcoming weeks?

We could send our worklogs back to the JIRA database, but that would mean that we could have inconsistencies in data for some while, worse performance, internal issues implementation would be rendered useless and we would introduce timezone issues.  We do not want to introduce that to our customers and need more time to implement that functionality.  The future plan is to allow users to select if the worklogs are also stored in the JIRA database.

Atlassian has agreed to allow us to update the Time Spent field and that work has already been started on their end.  We’ll start the implementation as soon as we have the possibility of updating the field.

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  • I find it hard to believe that the Tempo Cloud Migration was released with these compatibility breaks.

  • I thought the same thing. How can you release without such basic stuff?

  • This is affecting all of our sprints now. We can't monitor burn down which is one of the main reasons we use Jira. We really need this working. I can't believe you released with a flaw that so fundamentally affects the way that we all use Jira.

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