How has logging work changed with the migration?

What has changed?

When you use the ‘w’ shortcut to launch the Log Work dialog from a JIRA view or issue, the Issue key field now remains empty even if an issue has been selected from the JIRA view or if you are in the JIRA issue.

Why has it changed?

The shortcut feature has been  re-implemented for the Connect framework, but owing to a current JIRA limitation, when you open the dialog from a JIRA view the context is not sent, so we cannot automatically populate the Issue Key field with the current issue key.  

What changes or improvements should I expect in the coming weeks?

We anticipate that Atlassian will add some context to their requests for us in the near term, allowing us to identify where the user is when using the shortcut. Once this is implemented we can include this feature in timely manner.

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