Tempo keyboard shortcuts

Tempo Timesheets shortcuts

  • w | Open a log work window in either in a timesheet or JIRA issue view.
  • g then t | Go to Tempo Timesheets from any JIRA screen.

Tempo Planner shortcuts

  • Hold shift and moving plans | Creates a copy of the plan.
  • Hold ctrl or cmd and clicking on a plan Split the plan at the location that you click.
  • Delete with a plan selected Delete the plan (press enter to confirm or esc to cancel).
  • Escape with a plan selectedEscape the plan details.

JIRA shortcuts

The following JIRA shortcuts are available from anywhere within JIRA.

  • g then | Browse to the current project.
  • g then ag then h | Go to agile board.
  • g then i | Go to the issue navigator.
  • g then g | Go to the administration search dialog box. (Only available if you have the 'JIRA administrators' global permission).


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