Why are we releasing an incomplete product?

In the coming weeks, Atlassian will be moving all JIRA cloud add-ons to their next generational cloud technology, the Atlassian Connect framework.

What does this mean for Tempo Timesheet and Tempo Planner cloud customers?

It means better performance and more frequent improvements - Tempo is aiming for weekly releases to Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Planner for JIRA Cloud.  We have already completed a large part of the work, laying strong foundations that will allow us to move faster towards what our customers are asking for.

One example of what these strong foundations allow us to do are the new reports. Customers need a real-time overview of how project time is progressing. This is why our new reports offer advanced filtering and more flexible group-by options.  We plan to extend this functionality even further.  

While we have not matched all of the current functionality, we are catching up fast and soon the new cloud version will surpass the current version. If you are interested in following the progress of the work, you can sign up for notifications whenever new functionalities are released at this address - Get Notified of New Features

I am a cloud customer, when will I see these changes?

You will see these changes once we have migrated you. We are striving to migrate our customers by June, but unfortunately we are not able to notify you in advance. This is because it is an automated process. We have the number of features our cloud customers are currently using and our migration system will take this into account when deciding who to migrate and when.

I am a server customer, what about me?

The work done on foundations was also an effort to keep cloud and server development benefiting both sets of customers. Later this year we will make the new Tempo Timesheets reports and new Tempo Planner functionality available on server. From then on new improvements on the cloud will regularly be made available on Server.  

In short, we have done a lot of work over the past year to better serve your needs. Updates for Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Planner for JIRA Cloud will be pushed more frequently than before and it will soon surpass current cloud functionality. Later this year our Tempo server customers will benefit from these improvements.

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