Removal of unlicensed versions of Tempo Timesheets from JIRA Cloud instances

What will be changing?

Tempo Timesheets comes pre-installed on some JIRA Cloud instances. Therefore, some features provided by Tempo Timesheets are accessible for JIRA users who don't necessarily have a Tempo Timesheets license.

Atlassian and Tempo are collaborating to migrate Tempo products to a new cloud technology platform. In order to successfully execute the migration, we will remove unlicensed versions of Tempo Timesheets on JIRA Cloud instances. This work is estimated to be done by 15 May 2017.

At this time, JIRA Cloud instances with an unlicensed version of Tempo Timesheets will lose the following functionality:

  • Tempo Gadgets
  • Tempo JQL functions

To regain access to these features, you can:


Which specific features will be affected? 

When the pre-installed version of Tempo Timesheets is removed from your instance, all Tempo gadgets and JQL functions will be removed as well. Below is a list of gadgets and JQL functions that will be affected:

Tempo Gadgets

  • Tempo Worklog Distribution gadget
  • Tempo Account Monthly Budget Burn-Up Chart
  • Tempo Account Custom Budget Burn-Up Chart
  • Tempo Total Hours
  • Tempo People in Version
  • Tempo Planned Hours by Team
  • Tempo Team Hours
  • Tempo Team Timesheet
  • Tempo User Timesheet
  • Tempo User Timesheet Progress
  • Tempo User Timesheet Charts

 Tempo JQL functions

  • Accounts
  • accountsByCategory
  • accountsByCategoryType
  • accountsByCustomer
  • accountsByProject
  • accountsByStatus
  • globalAccounts
  • Teams
  • programTeams
  • teamProjects
  • programProjects
  • internalIssues
  • tempoEpicIssues


How will this affect my instance of Tempo Timesheets?

If you are using any of the features provided by Tempo Timesheets and you do not have a license, you may notice the following changes:

  • Gadgets will no longer work on dashboards. You will see an error message where the gadget use to be.
  • All saved JIRA Filters with JQL functions will no longer work if any of the Tempo JQL is used in the filter.
  • All boards that are created with a filter that has a Tempo JQL function will no longer work.


Are any of the features being replaced by JIRA?

The only feature being replaced is the tempoEpicIssues JQL function. It’s equivalent function is parentEpic. The replaced function will not be automatically updated. You will have to manually update it for your JIRA Cloud instance.


If I have a Tempo Timesheets license, will this affect my instance?

No, this will only affect instances that don’t have a license for Tempo Timesheets. Furthermore, this only applies to JIRA Cloud instances.   



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