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Tempo teams is a core feature for all of the Tempo add-ons. The Tempo add-ons will not reach their full potential until you have set up a Tempo team structure. Tempo teams are integrated with JIRA, but are not compatible with JIRA teams from JIRA portfolio.

With Tempo Teams you are able to map your organizational structure in JIRA and you are able to plan and track your team members and teams. A Tempo team is a collection of JIRA users. Team members can be shared across multiple teams.  Depending on the Tempo product with Tempo Teams a team lead can establish certain goals:

  • Tempo Timesheets: track time of all team members. A team lead can log work for others for a specific JIRA project when the proper permissions in the JIRA permission scheme are set. Tempo Timesheets users can submit their timesheets to an appropriate team lead (all users with the approve timesheet permission) for approval. Team leads or other users with the Approve Timesheet permission can review and approve/reject the Timesheets from the team members. By setting assigning a workload scheme and a holiday scheme all team members always know they projected work capacity and see the progress of their logged time.
  • Tempo Planner: plan JIRA projects, issues or sprints both on team level and for individual team members. With the capacity report and the over and under allocation of the team and specific team members can be made visible at a glance. By creating programs (Tempo specific) plans and capacity can be made visual across multiple teams.
  • Tempo Budgets: set up a financial budget based on team member availability and the team member cost rates. Track the overhead and progress of the team and let Budgets create a forecast on projected costs.

Tempo Teams is an in-product add-on for all of the Tempo products (Timesheets, Planner and Budgets). Tempo Teams are only recognized within the Tempo products and are not compatible with other JIRA add-ons.

Adding teams

From the Tempo drop down menu select Teams or the Team icon from the Tempo menu on the left hand side.


On the team start screen you will see a list of available or browseable teams. Only Tempo team administrators are able to add and remove Tempo teams.

From the search menu on the top of the Tempo team list you are able to filter the teams that you want to look at.


To create a new team fill out the required fields and press the add button to confirm the new team. The Team lead (as well as the Team administrator) will have permissions to add team members to the team and to configure the team permissions.


Team members

In the member section you can add team members to the team. Team members can be added as single JIRA users or as JIRA user groups. When team members are added as single users the team commitment can be set to a value other than 100% and team member user roles can be set for each individual users. When users are added from a JIRA user group the team commitment is always set to 100% (as default), the assigned team role will be set to the default team role and the specific joining and leaving date cannot be specified.

To get the most out of Tempo Planner team members should be added individually to teams. Teams should not exceed a maximum of 100 users so as to not an effect on the performance of Tempo add-ons. The preferred team size with Tempo Planner should be even less and should not exceed 50 users.

From the teams overview page you can add a team member to the Tempo team.


After having selected a JIRA user as a new team member select a team role, the team commitment and a joining and a leaving date for that team member. The team role is used in Tempo Planner to identify available resources with a certain role. The joining date and leaving date are used when team members switch teams or change team roles.


The workload scheme tells Tempo the available capacity (Planner) and the work duty (Timesheets) for the team members. Non-working days are days with a workload of 0h.

The holiday scheme (that the team member is added to) sets all public holidays for the team member. These days will be reduced from the capacity and the work duty of the team members. When doing plans in Tempo Planner and logging work in Tempo Timesheets the non-working days and holidays are not considered when planned/logged over a period including a non-working day or a holiday. To plan or log work on a non-working day that specific day has to be selected separately.

Workload and holiday schemes can be configured in the Tempo administration section.

In order to change or assign a workload or holiday scheme click on the team member line and click the pencil to select another scheme from the dropdown menu and confirm with the update button.

Team links

Teams can also be linked to JIRA projects or to JIRA scrum boards*. These links help Tempo Planner identify what the teams are supposed to work on. From the teams overview page you can use the Add Project Link or the Add Board link buttons to add the projects that your team is supposed to work on.


Linking JIRA projects to teams will show all their versions, epics and issues in the team backlog. Unresolved linked JIRA project issues will also appear in the JIRA issue navigation bar of the team timeline. However linking JIRA projects will NOT assign all JIRA issues to the team so they will NOT appear in team board.

Once you have linked a JIRA scrum board to the team you can create a plan on the team timeline for a JIRA sprint that is included on the scrum board.

Using JIRA sprints for your plans will import all JIRA issue of the JIRA sprint into the team backlog and will place the JIRA issues according to their ranking on the team members timeline.

Team permissions

The team permissions are split into three sections.

  • The browse team permission to be able to browse a team (see the team name in the dropdown list). This permission is needed to see team plans or the team timesheet. Team members get this permission automatically.
  • The approve timesheet permission allows users to approve team members timesheets. Users with these permissions are displayed in the Reviewer dropdown when members of the team submit their timesheets for approval.
  • The plan time permission allows users to create, edit or delete plans for their team members on the team timeline.


To add or remove any permission click on the pencil in the specific line. Specific JIRA users may be added. Click on the Update button to save the settings.

Team leads of the team automatically gain access to all team permissions. The team lead can be changed in the Team Overview page.

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