Tempo for end users

Tempo offers two main functionalities. With Tempo Timesheets you can track your time on JIRA issues and Tempo Planner allows team leads to plan allocations for team members on JIRA issues and JIRA projects or for complete JIRA sprints. Tempo delivers gadgets for your dashboard that make it easy for you to see their allocations and their logged time but they also use the worklog options directly from the dashboard without entering the Tempo section.

Before you can start tracking your time you will need to ensure that your administrator has set all the needed permissions and settings within your JIRA instance.

Tempo ships a core functionality with both Tempo Planner and Tempo Timesheets: Tempo teams. As a result you are assigned to one or more teams within Tempo. This means that if you submit your timesheet you might be able to pick among one or more approvers for your timesheet. Depending on your permissions of the JIRA projects you are working on you might not be allowed to see the worklogs of your team members in the timesheet report section.

Your team lead might also create plans for you and the team you are working in. All your plans are shown in the user gadget and in the team timeline in Tempo Planner. You might also be granted permission to plan time both for yourself and your team members on the timeline. Tempo Planner is integrated with JIRA sprints and allocations from a JIRA sprint might also be visible in the team backlog of Tempo Planner.

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