Reporting by plan

Required Tempo product: Tempo Planner for Cloud

Required permission: View All Worklogs

You can create reports in Tempo Planner that show information about time planned against a team or an individual user. The results will always be grouped by user and will show the issues against which that user has time planned for. To create this report, complete the following instructions:

  1. On the main menu bar, select Timetracking > Reports. You can also click on the Reports icon on the Tempo Sidebar to the left.
  2. From the headers at top, select a range of dates to view. You can select dates by highlighting a period of time at left, or type a specific range into the input boxes are right. Alternately, you can select one of the existing periods to view.
  3. You can use the Filter by setting to control which plans are selected for the report. You can select any Team or User. 
  4. The Group by settings will always default to a combination of user and plan.
  5. You can choose to display the report in Grid or List view by toggling the buttons on the right. 
  6. To the right of the Grid and List buttons you can choose to summarise the report by days, weeks, months or quarters from the drop-down menu. The report must be displayed in Grid view for these changes to be visible.

When you have created your report, you will see the total hours planned displayed on the top right.


Note: if you have Tempo Timesheets for Cloud installed, you must toggle from Worklogs to Plans in the top left to be able to create reports for plans.

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