What's new in Tempo for Cloud?

Tempo has moved to a new cloud technology to improve stability and performance for JIRA Cloud customers, and to help you manage your work, your time, your plans, and your teams more efficiently. We’re also introducing the Tempo sidebar, allowing you to access commonly used features more quickly.

Here’s a list of what’s new:

One-click efficiency with the Tempo sidebar

The first thing you will probably notice about the updated Tempo is the new Tempo sidebar on the left of the screen. You can still use the Tempo drop-down menu if you like, but the Tempo sidebar offers a faster, easier way to get things done.

For more information, see How do I navigate using the Tempo sidebar?.

My work: your homepage in Tempo

My Work is your new homepage in Tempo. As a user, this page will contain everything you need to do, see, and track in your day-to-day work. Here you will find your calendar and timesheet, including a summary of your recent issues.

For more information, see How do I use Tempo to track my work?.

Multiple trackers!

In place of the global tracking feature, you can now have multiple trackers in an issue or gadget so you can track your whole day from one spot. Trackers from JIRA, Tempo Mobile, and HipChat will all synchronize automatically.

For more information, see How do I log work with trackers?.

Dynamic and custom reporting

Now in Tempo, reporting is much more dynamic and customizable than ever before. Now you can create reports about time worked using any criteria you like - projects, teams, accounts, users, or issues - and then separately sort this information by issue, user, project, or worklog. If you also have Tempo Planner, you can also report on plans for teams and users.

For more information, see Creating reports and Reporting by plan.

Improved team page

We’ve simplified and improved the Team summary page. With a couple of clicks, it’s now easier to create, configure, and delete your teams or programs. From here, you can also change team permissions to customize rights for access and approval of team timesheets.

For more information, see Creating teams.

Streamlined accounts, categories, and customers

Similarly, the Account summary page has been revised. Now you can quickly add accounts and link them to categories and customers to track costs and revenues, and rapidly add, edit, or delete categories and customers.

For more information, see Creating accounts.

Manage Tempo as a Tempo Administrator

Because not every Tempo Administrator needs (or wants) to be a full-fledged JIRA administrator, we've created a new - entirely separate - Tempo administration page to make managing Tempo easier.

You can now configure Internal issues, Logging work, Work attributes, Workload schemes, Period configuration, Period management, and Team roles from entirely within Tempo, only using Tempo Administrator permissions.

Simplified, more visible internal issues

Want to log un-estimated time for vacations, training, or down-time? Internal issues have now been revised to be more dynamic and visible. They are no longer tied to certain projects, so if you have View Worklogs permissions, you can now create a report that feeds from internal issues (like a vacation, training, or down-time report).

For more information, see Using internal issues.

Integrate gadgets directly with Tempo

Customize your JIRA dashboards with new gadgets from Tempo that integrate directly with Tempo and JIRA Cloud. The 'Worklog tracker' and 'Planned by team' gadgets are now added. The 'Worklog distribution gadget' has been updated: it only reports on your own work logs and now can display the results as a percentage.

For more information, see Using Tempo Gadgets.

JQL functions updated

We've made changes to the Tempo JQL functions to keep in line with changes made by Atlassian to their formatting and JQL search functions.

For more information, see Changes made to Tempo JQL functions.


In addition to all of the changes above, we have much more planned. For a full list, please see this article.




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