How do I use Tempo to track my work?

Required Tempo product: Tempo Timesheets for Cloud. 

My work allows you to track your personal tasks from one convenient location. The My work page is the best place to get an overview of your current and upcoming tasks.

My work has two views: calendar and timesheet.

Calendar view

The calendar view provides a summary of your upcoming week, which is viewable either as a traditional day-planner, or as a list of issues and worklogs.

Timesheet view

The timesheet view lets you quickly log work, view your logged work, and submit your timesheets for review.

Like the calendar view, it is viewable either as a summary (Grid view) or as a list of all of the issues that work has been logged against during the review period (List view).

You can view the timesheet in days, weeks, months, or quarters. Similar to reports, you can also group your data by issue, worklog, and project.



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