How do I navigate using the Tempo sidebar?

The main icons you will find in the sidebar are explained below:
  My work
My Work is your new homepage in Tempo Cloud. As a user, this page contains everything you need to do, see, and track in your day-to-day work. Here you will find your calendar and timesheet, including a summary of your recent issues.
Here you will be able to build customized, highly functional reports. You can create worklog reports combining multiple teams, projects, accounts, users and issues - and you can group this by issue, user, project, or worklog, or any combination of those four. You also create planning reports based on teams and individual users. In both cases, you can opt to display total hours worked and billable hours.
  Planner (available only to Tempo Planner for Cloud license holders)
Here you will be able to create plans for a team or a program. These plans can take the form of an issue, project, component, version, or sprint. Plans can be viewed as a timeline, capacity report, board, or as an ordered backlog.
Teams provides an overview of the structure of your teams and programs. Here you can create, manage, and delete teams and programs. From here, you can also assign and remove permissions to team members.
Accounts displays a summary of all of your accounts. You can click on an individual account to get more information about it. You can also add a new account, or delete an existing account.
  Tempo administration
The administration screen is your new home for managing your Tempo installation. The Tempo Administration screen has been removed from the JIRA Administration > Add-ons section and is accessed directly from the Tempo sidebar
Note: JIRA Administrator permissions no longer give you to access Tempo Administration; you now require the Tempo Administrator permission to access the Tempo Administration screen. As a JIRA administrator, you can grant yourself the Tempo Administrator permission from the JIRA Administration system page. 
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